Successful international business operations require the development of systems and resources for identifying opportunity and managing risk.  Alpha Group International (AGI) provides information and services that enhances a corporation's ability to profitably operate in a global business environment, while protecting its employees and physical assets, and complying with complex government regulations.

AGI is a key source of critical information to corporate decision makers in evaluating prospective projects and business partners or associates.  Additionally, AGI provides timely intelligence on individuals, commercial enterprises or other organizations, and specific issues or events, which is an invaluable tool in mapping business strategies, assessing risk, responding to potential crises, and supporting corporate compliance programs and litigators.

We assist clients with the analysis of risks inherent in conducting business in a specific geographic area or industry.  We also provide solutions for these risks, such as protective services for employees in high-risk locations, corporate travelers, and the design of systems to protect facilities and other assets.

AGI has extensive experience in conducting investigations of financial losses and alleged violations of corporate code of conduct.


  • Global due diligence investigations for mergers / acquisitions, joint ventures, investments, and the selection of key personnel and vendors.
  • Investigative support for Compliance and Ethics matters, litigation, and crisis management.
  • Risk Analysis for entering new markets or participating in specific projects / transactions.
  • Investigation of financial losses.
  • Protective measures for corporate personnel and physical assets.

AGI is based in the greater New York area and our management staff has prior extensive experience in international affairs, law enforcement, and corporate security management.  Additionally, our global network of correspondents in five continents provides us with local area knowledge and resources and it allows the flexibility of accessing information in a timely and cost efficient manner.