AGI’s clients are mostly multinational corporations. Because of the diversity of our assignments, we routinely deal with corporate executives from various departments, including Legal, Compliance, Human Resources, Corporate Security, Audit & Finance, Risk Management, and Operations. We work with individual managers or an interdepartmental corporate team, understanding the need to sometimes pursue multiple and parallel corporate objectives in a single project.

AGI has specific prior experience in Telecommunications, Transportation & Logistics, Financial Services, Gaming, Apparel, Mining, Manufacturing & Distribution of consumer goods, and Retailing. We also have demonstrated the ability to quickly identify the unique aspects of other industries and consider them in assignments. However, we recognize that there are special requirements and issues beyond the scope of our experience and skills. Therefore, the decision of accepting an assignment is made only after a frank self-assessment of our capabilities.

In the span of more than 15 years we have developed a reputation for our commitment to dependability, confidentiality, professionalism, responsiveness, diligence and detailed project management.  We approach each assignment with the uniqueness it deserves, by making tailored plans and employing the appropriate methods, techniques, and resources.

AGI believes that successful solutions can also be cost effective. We usually work on the basis of a client-approved budget, inclusive of fees, travel and other expenses.