In today's global business arena, rapid political, economic and social changes have become the norm and have created the need for constant monitoring.  Corporations use internal and external sources to assess and mitigate global risk, as well as risks that are unique to their industry and business model.  AGI uses proven abilities to gather and analyze pertinent information that identifies the elements of risk in a variety of areas, including the following:


We conduct area assessments on a wide range of risks, including crime and public safety; terrorism; political instability and unrest; attitudes towards foreign investment; organized labor; the complexity of government bureaucracy; and level of public corruption.


AGI provides critical information to mitigate the risk associated with the increasing international mobility of personnel, and particularly business travel and expatriation to high risk areas.

We have prepared detailed assessments on the risks of traveling or living in such areas, as well as provided timely information about emerging situations, such as widespread public unrest, disruptions in travel, strikes, demonstrations, and other events that may affect the safety of personnel and their ability to carry on with their business plans.


We have specialized experience in assessing various parts of a global logistics process, an essential function in sourcing, manufacturing, storage, and distribution.

We have successfully analyzed the risks associated with the selection and use of carriers and freight forwarders, transportation across national boundaries, customs clearing,  warehousing and shipping procedures, tracking shipments, and inventory shortages.

We recommend solutions for the management of the multiple parties involved in global logistics, enhancing physical security of facilities, protecting against cargo theft, and safeguarding sensitive information without disrupting the flow of necessary data.