Due Diligence has increasingly become one of the critical steps in the decision making process of multinational enterprises in assessing business opportunities, selecting business partners and key personnel, and assessing the risk in committing to relationships with entities or individuals from the private or public sectors.

Our services are designed as an added dimension to the traditional legal and financial due diligence reviews that focus on the legal aspects of a proposed endeavor and the financial analysis of a prospective business partner.  AGI's due diligence focuses on analyzing the background, structure, scope of activities, associates, and reputation of the enterprises and their key principals in order to identify potential areas of risk stemming from lack of transparency, past questionable practices and exposure to litigation or regulatory sanctions.


AGI compiles comprehensive profiles of prospective partners under consideration by our clients for a future business association, including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, selection of key vendors and consultants, or other similar transactions.  Our services are also used in support of "Know Your Customer" programs and the risk assessment of new significant clients.  

Our services have proven to be a valuable tool in avoiding the risk of entering into arrangements with shell companies or entities that use an intricate and complicated structure to conceal their real ownership, as well as avoiding the risk of transacting with parties that face financial, legal or regulatory problems.   We assist clients with the decision making process of whether to engage with a new business associate but also with identifying key areas of concern that should be considered in contract negotiations.

We have conducted thousands of due diligence reviews globally.  The scope of each assignment differs based on the specific circumstances and the availability of data in a specific country or region.  Typically, our reviews focus on the following:

  • The identification of an enterprise's true ownership
  • The enterprise's background, structure, scope of activities and affiliates
  • Past and current litigation
  • Compliance with local regulations
  • Financial checks
  • Reputation, including any concerns with public corruption or business controversies
  • Comprehensive background checks on the enterprise's owners and key managers


We compile comprehensive profiles of individuals considered by our clients to fill key executive roles.   AGI has assisted with the vetting of hundreds of candidates by conducting extensive background reviews, including criminal checks, litigation, verification of professional credentials, past employment and reputation, as well as the affiliation with businesses that may cause conflict-of-interest concerns.

We also used the same methodology to screen individuals considered for board-of-directors positions.